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Our Company - Filgen Dental Traders Inc.

VISION – To be known as the leading distribution company of premium quality dental products that employs God-fearing and value-oriented people.

MISSION – To inculcate upon its employees the values of competence, hard work and honesty as key ingredients to their and the company’s success in effectively providing better product knowledge to the market that they serve, thereby resulting to optimum client satisfaction.

Business Motto:

 “We take  good  care  of  the  people  who take  care  of  the  business.   A  happy  workforce  defines  our success, and a satisfied client justifies our existence.”



A former executive in a multinational company, accidentally came across a former colleague who, at that time, was the head of Dentsply Philippines, Inc.  It was the year 2002 when a retired couple gave it a shot of putting up a business. The initial motivation of the couple was really not to make profit and be big, but merely to give both of them something to do during idle times.

At  first,  the  couple  conducted  the  business  under  FILGEN  BUSINESS  SOLUTIONS,  INC.The owner himself was the first accountant, marketing officer, and sales agent of FILGEN’s aided by two sales representatives and one office staff.  As the business picked up and after employing their first batch of sales agents, the couple realized how their new venture can really touch the lives of others.  Thus, they both gave the business the focus that it deserved with the welfare of its employees receiving primordial attention.

From literally a garage office serving only less than a hundred of dentists, the company, now with a new corporation named FILGEN DENTAL TRADERS, INC., was able to broaden its client base to more than four thousand (4,000) across Metro Manila and Southern Luzon.  Such accomplishment would not have been possible without the help of the company’s dedicated team of sales agents and office staff, the unwavering support from Dentsply people and of course the DMDs who patronize Dentsply products.  With its success, Filgen Dental Traders, Inc. was able to invest in a new office building, which now serves as a symbol of reward for doing good things for other people.

In  view of  its  exemplary  record,  having  bagged  “distributor  of  the  year”  award  from Dentsply Philippines, Inc., FILGEN has now been recently given by Dentsply Philippines, Inc. the privilege of serving more dentists nationwide.  Such feat only shows that trust truly is earned.

Today, FILGEN prides itself of having the best team of sales officers with the same drive to succeed as their mentors.  Success to FILGEN, still, does not mean making profit alone, but to make sure that everyone is happy at the end of the day.

FILGEN is inspired to serve you.  Thank you for your trust!


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