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The manual version of ProTaper® Universal

The product line "ProTaper® For Hand Use" features exactly the same instruments and clinical sequence as the rotary version. It is dedicated to all hand file users wishing to benefit from NiTi and crown-down technique.

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An important step in the endodontic procedure is the creation of a glide path,with the goal of securing the root canal path before the use of a shaping file system. PROGLIDER™ offers several advantages compared to manual glide path files:

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The cavity access sets will enable you to achieve the objectives, which are: a straight-line access to the canal (with no interferences), an irrigation tank and a good basis for the restoration.


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Palodent matrices can be used with any restorative material, including composites, amalgams, wax patterns, or temporaries.

The Palodent Introductory Kit includes

   • 50 x Std Matrices Refill

   • 2 x BiTine Round Rings Refill

   • 1 x Forceps

Enhance Finishing System

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Caulk Condlitioner 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel in Syringes (2x3ml)

Caulk Conditioner 34% - Phosphoric acid for etching of the enamel and dentine before restorations and fissure sealings.

Includes: 2 x Syringes, 3ml each.


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Intermediate Restorative Material

IRM is a zinc oxide eugenol composition with polymer reinforcement indicated as a temporary restorative material or as a base/liner material.

Among the many applications are:

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Calcium Hydroxide Liner Dentin

Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition

• Protects the pulp and promotes the formation of secondary dentin to ensure confidence in performance

• Saves time, and is strong at critical time of condensation

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Indirect Restoration

Putting precision into every procedure

•Wide range of wash and tray viscosities

•Multiple setting times

•B4 Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer to reduce surface tension

•Extremely low contact angle