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Indirect Restoration

Hydrophilic VPS impression material captures detail in moist oral field.

• Excellent detail reproduction

• High tear strength

• 3 viscosities: LV, Monophase and Rigid

• Available in 50ml cartridges or tubes

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Indirect Restoration

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The X-Smart Plus micromotor is a simple and easy to use unit designed for GDPs carrying out rotary endodontics. It has a lightweight handpiece with a small head. The unit is compact and portable, operated without a footpedal and can be battery operated.

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Focused Spray Inserts (FSI):

  1. 25K Cavitron Insert FSI-1000
  2. 25K Cavitron Insert FSI-10
  3. 25K Cavitron Insert FSI-3

        *  Specifically designed for efficiently removing heavy deposits.

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  • The perfect bond between science and satisfaction.
    • Advanced technology
    • 0% sensitivity
    • Proven strength
    • Acetone based
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* SDR Filling Teechnique

* Controlled Polymerization (Up to 60% less shrinkage stress)

* Compatibility (With all metacrylate-base bonding and capping omposite)

* Self Leveling (flowable consistency)

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  • This 30 kHz ultrasonic scaling system is available with or without its own self-contained reservoir. It provides the proven SPS performance in a compact box.
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  • Provides quality and performance along with a contemporary new look.
  • Equipped with a modern enclosure, versatile vertical or horizontal orientation, universal control graphics, and a user-friendly weighted foot pedal.
  • Proves an economical choice in ultrasonic scaling.
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  • Quality curing for deep, small and large light cured restoration


  • Highly robust design to withstand years of demanding service